First Images LEGO Ghostbusters (10274) Ecto-1

UPDATE November 5th:

LEGO has put the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (10274) on its official website today including new high-resolution images a release date and a price! The Ecto-1 will be available on November 15th and will cost 199.99$ US, £179.99 UK, 259.99 CAD, and 194,95 €.

LEGO hinted earlier this year they were working on a new version of the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (10274) and now it seems some images appeared on social media.

Get your LEGO Ecto-1 here as soon as it hits the shelves: USUKCAN

LEGO Ghostbusters (10274) Ecto-1

The Ecto-1 will presumably hit the shelves somewhere in November and will retail for about 199,99$ (depending on your country).

LEGO Ghostbusters (10274) Ecto-1

This amazing looking vehicle will have 2352 pieces and no minifigures.


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