Lego BrickHeadz The Mandalorian & the Child (75317) Review

One of the newly released LEGO BrickHeadz in August 2020 is The Mandalorian & The Child set. Otherwise known as Mando and Baby Yoda. As I said in my Kylo Ren & Sith Trooper BrickHeadz review, these little builds are great value and this is proving to be no exception. I will even go as far as to say these are one of the most detailed and original BrickHeadz yet.

The Mandalorian & the Child Box

Disney’s The Mandalorian skyrocketed in popularity not only because it is a very well done Star Wars based series, but also because of it’s surprising characters. Mando is the coolest Bounty Hunter ever, but Baby Yoda is of course the single biggest surprise and arguably the cutest character ever in Star Wars history.

Of course, LEGO is going to come up with sets like this. It’s ideal for BrickHeadz collectors as well as fans of the show.

The Mandalorian & the Child BrickHeadz

Name: The Mandalorian & The Child
Set Number: 75317
Pieces: 295
Year of Release: 2020
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The Build & Features

The Child (Baby Yoda)

Baby Yoda’s pod. Floating stroller. Futuristic Buggy. Whatever you want to call it, this is what you will be building first. This might be the best thing about the whole set. It’s at least the best-designed item in my opinion. The tiles that go around the pod combined with the great white, grey, and yellow color scheme is awesome.

The pod is more different than anything you would normally build with a BrickHeadz set. It looks and thus builds differently. It’s very detailed and really robust.

Baby Yoda’s pod will also mimic levitation because of the clear blocks that you build upon the display which is not uncommon. But it is a great touch and helps sell the illusion a bit.

Baby Yoda BrickHeadz

The Child itself is an unusual build as well. The character is actually a bit smaller than the normal BrickHeadz and because it is so tiny you can’t compare it to other characters.

It has some great little techniques to tile off the body looking like a tiny robe.

The Child Baby Yoda BrickHeadz Ears Up

An interesting fact is that you can point the ears of Baby Yoda up or down. Depending on how the mood of the Child should be according to you. The box art features both options so I guess either way works.

The Child Baby Yoda BrickHeadz Ears Down
The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian has some really good techniques as well. A part of his mask is a lay-in and doesn’t connect to anything at all. It’s locked into the character so it doesn’t fall out, but it’s a nice way to add some variation.

The Mandalorian BrickHeadz

I think the visor looks great in its simplicity and makes Mando look awesome. The shoulder resembles the un-upgraded Mando armor. This gives this BrickHeadz a good hint of color as well as an opening for LEGO to create The Mandalorian with his upgraded armor.

The Mandalorian BrickHeadz

The side of the helmet is also well done and accurate, but the single best part of this build is surprisingly the legs. These contain chin guards and are phenomenally done. The detail is excellent and is my favorite part of the build.

Mando has his black cape on his back with a spot to put his big gun onto. And of course, he has his gunslinging pistol in his hand to top everything off.

The Mandalorian BrickHeadz Back View

My Thoughts

LEGO’s the Mandalorian & The Child BrickHeadz is one of the better sets I have built so far. Not in terms of BrickHeads, but in terms of just building LEGO sets. They are very well designed for such small models. Not a single thing feels forced and they look awesome. I would get this set now before it’s out of stock or worse, discontinued.

What do you guys think is the best helmet? Let me know in the comments!


  • Amazingly detailed
  • No stickers
  • Value for money
  • Awesome to display
  • Extremely good builds


  • Simple display stand

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