Lego Charles Dickens Tribute (40410) Review

I was privileged enough to get this weekend’s VIP premium sets to review early. The main one being the Charles Dickens Tribute you will get when ordering on for $150,- or more. And all I can say is…it does not disappoint. At all! This Christmas themed set is packed with details and nice little features. Even the minifigures are quite good!

So if you have some money to burn, I would suggest you spend it this weekend. Also, don’t forget you will get double VIP points as well. That’s not a bad deal.

This promo was given to me for free by my affiliate partner Rakuten Advertising. My opinion on this set, however, is my own.

Lego Charles Dickens Tribute

Name: Charles Dickens Tribute
Set Number: 40410
Pieces: 333
Check this weekend here: US – UK – CAN


The LEGO Charles Dickens Tribute set has 3 minifigures. Tiny Tim, Ebenezer Scrooge, and Bob Cratchit, Tim is up first and I think he looks great! He has the short legs, a great looking sweater, and a nice red scarf to keep him warm. He has two faces. One sad and one slightly happy. But you would want him to look a bit happy right? It’s Christmas after all.

Mister Scrooge has grey pants and a black dress jacket. The grumpy face fits the character very well. What stands out though is his big top hat and matching umbrella.

Bob Cratchit is an ok minifigure as well. I feel like he’s not as good as Tim and Scrooge, but he’s not bad either. I like the different color on the arms as those sell him wearing a vest.

The Build & Features

The LEGO Charles Dickens Tribute set has 333 pieces which is a lot for a free set. Granted, you need to spend quite some money to get it, but 333 pieces will normally add up to about $30,-. This set has 4 bags, some stickers, and a 75-page instruction manual. The bags are unnumbered, but given the piece count, it’s not a bad thing.

The book looks amazing and is really well done. You do need the stickers to make it work even better though. Also, there is a secret drawer incorporated into the book. You could actually have a reason to keep this on display or put in a nice surprise for someone. Be creative and festive!

Lego Charles Dickens Tribute
Lego Charles Dickens Tribute

The indoor and outdoor display is actually a challenging build. There are some great techniques being used here. It’s just really well done and it looks awesome! This thing is packed full of great little details like snow everywhere, an amazing outdoor space with a tree, a lamppost, and a good-looking path.

Lego Charles Dickens Tribute
Lego Charles Dickens Tribute

The inside is as detailed as the outside. The floor and walls look very good with the provided stickers. There is a tiny little Christmas tree and some great Christmas decorations on the fireplace.

My Thoughts

If you are looking for a great little display piece to use for the holidays, this is the one to get! It looks great, has a ton of details, and even a fun little drawer. The minifigures are really good and fit the theme perfectly. Once again, if you have some money to spend go and get this one as a free addition.

Lego Charles Dickens Tribute
Lego Charles Dickens Tribute

Also don’t forget you will receive the VIP 2×4 Teal Brick when ordering for $50,- more on here: US – UK – CAN


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