Lego City Mars Exploration (60224) Review

This LEGO City Mars Exploration set was the first set I bought when I decided to get back into LEGO. I was just trying to get a decent feel on what I could expect without paying a ton of money. Boy was I not disappointed. And looking back on what I build so far, this set has amazing value!

Lego City Mars Explortaions Box Art

Name: Mars Exploration
Set Number: 60224
Pieces: 84
Year of Release: 2019
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You get an astronaut minifigure. That alone should be a positive trigger. Mister Astronaut has a nice white flight suit with some excellent details in metallic, black, and orange colors. He has a Mars Exploration logo on his chest which kind of resembles the Classic Space logo from the 80s and 90s.

Lego City Mars Explortaions Astronaut Minifigure

I have mixed feelings about the helmet/rocket pack. The mold is amazing and the golden visor looks awesome. However, the helmet/pack is so big that, when you put it on, it covers the complete top part of the body covering all the printed details. This makes the overall look of Mister Astronaut quite white and bland.

Lego City Mars Explortaions Astronaut Minifigure

The Build & Features

I really had fun building this little bad boy and you start out with putting a satellite together. Now, most of the time I wonder if any of the LEGO side builds add something extra to the main build. And nine out of ten times it really doesn’t. The satellite is a welcome exception though.

Lego City Mars Explortaions Satellite

The design is pretty straight forward and with the help of a few stickers, you’ll get that solar panel feel. The panels fold in nicely and more importantly, the spaceship can actually carry it around. Now that’s a side build I’m happy with!


Lego City Mars Explortaions Satellite

The spaceship is a neat little build and is tiled off nicely but doesn’t leave too many studs covered. I like having a mix of tiles and studs so you can actually see it’s still LEGO.

Lego City Mars Explortaions Space Ship

The cockpit is extremely spacious for such a small set and the display is a printed piece which is always nice. The astronaut has more than enough room to sit.

Lego City Mars Explortaions Space Ship
Lego City Mars Explortaions Space Ship

There a quite a lot of moving parts on this ship. Besides the satellite, the ship has a big windscreen that can open and close through a hinge. It has two flaps (one at each side) that move. It’s engines move up and down. And last but not least the loading bay for the satellite opens and closes. It even looks like the ship has a third engine when the satellite is loaded.

Lego City Mars Explortaions Space Ship

My Thoughts

For such a small and cheap set this LEGO City Mars Exploration model has a ton of features and playability. Lots of moving parts and just an excellent design. The minifigure astronaut looks fine in general, but the looks are partially rendered moot because of the large helmet and rocket pack. The satellite is a great side build and really adds to the complete set.


  • Great ship design
  • Nice color scheme
  • Loads of features and playability
  • Well executed side build
  • Spacious cockpit


  • Helmet and backpack minifigure too big
  • Color of helmet just white

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