VIP Weekend details!

On November 21st and November 22nd has a jam packed VIP Weekend full with special offers, exclusive gifts and double VIP points. has all the details!

VIP Weekend details

First of people will get a FREE VIP-Weekend Gift which is a Charles Dickens Tribute. As you can see this great-looking Christmas themed set. It seems to feature an open book with a display of A Christmas Carol on top of it. You will even get some minifigures in the form of Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim, and Timmy’s dad, Bob Cratchit. You can your hands in this when you spend $150,- or more (depending on your country).

Name: Charles Dickens Tribute
Set Number: 40410
Pieces: 333
Check next weekend here: USUKCAN

VIP Weekend details
VIP Weekend details
VIP Weekend details

Next to that you can also get a FREE VIP Brick when you spend over $200,- (depending on your country). It’s a brick-built 2×4 Teal Brick which doesn’t have nearly the same amount of pieces as the Charles Dickens Tribute one, which seems weird. Although I guess LEGO sees this as $50,- extra upon the initial $150,-

Name: 2×4 Teal Brick
Set Number: 6346102
Pieces: 110
Check next weekend here: USUKCAN

And on top of this all remember it’s a VIP weekend. So VIP points are doubled. This is you chance to get some nice extra stuff and double up on points.


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