Lego Ice Skating Rink (40416) Review

Again I was able to review a free exclusive set with purchase early. This time I got to build and review the LEGO Ice Skating Rink (40416). People can get this set when they order at for $150 or more between December 1st and December 24th. I already really liked the LEGO Charles Dickens Tribute set but this set is kind of special as well.

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Lego Ice Skating Rink

Name: Ice Skating Rink
Set Number: 40416
Pieces: 304
Get your LEGO here: USUKCAN


LEGO Ice Skating Rink comes with two minifigures and because this set is sort of based around the LEGO City theme the figures you get are both in classic yellow.

The female figure has a nice-looking white sweater, a red scarf (just like we’ve seen in the Charles Dickens Tribute) and she has two faces.

The male figure wears a blue beanie and a red sweater vest. Both are pretty generic, to be honest, but at least they are dressed for the winter weather.

The Build & Features

The Skating Rink has 304 pieces which is quite good for a free set. Although you do need to spend quite some money to get it. The set comes with 4 bags and of course a booklet. There are no stickers at all in this set which makes me a happy builder.

When you start building this set the base of the rink is up first. You will build most of the stuff that houses a spinning mechanism of the set. You read it right! Part of this set is able to spin and it’s quite the ingenious little contraption. It’s great to see how this little mechanism comes together.

Lego Ice Skating Rink
Lego Ice Skating Rink

The ice looks amazing as well. The blue translucent ice plates are awesome and look really good combined with the mostly white bricks. This set also has quite a lot of lovely little details like a hot chocolate stand, a box to put some ice skates in, and some nice looking little trees.

I really have to come back to the rotating mechanism. It works extremely well and lets the minifigures skate around a fountain. But that’s not all! The minifigures also skate around their own axis as well. And it’s all done with one single mechanism which makes this sit quite unique.

Lego Ice Skating Rink

My Thoughts

Yes! Spending another 150 bucks (prices vary depending on your country) is quite a lot. But if you didn’t spend any money on the last VIP weekend and you do want to get that amazing LEGO set for Christmas, you will get quite the unique little set for free.

The minifigures are ok, but the set itself is really well done and the rotating mechanism is the main attraction. It also helps that this set should go well with all you LEGO City builders out there.

Lego Ice Skating Rink


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