Lego Marvel Avengers Tower (40334) Review

The LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower was a free item you could get with an Avengers set purchase. And to be fair, this is actually a really nice freebie to put on display on a desk or something like that. I especially like the Tony Stark Iron Man minifigure. But the tower itself is a really good build as well!

Lego Marvel Avengers Tower Box

Name: Avengers Tower
Set Number: 40334
Pieces: 211
Year of Release: 2019
Get your LEGO here: USUKCAN


The minifigure you get in this set is Tony Stark in mid-transformation to his Mark 8 Iron Man suit. The front of the torso shows him with a part of his armor already on. The back and one of the arms are also already covered with armor. It’s a bit hard to see, but once you know what you are looking at it’s actually a really cool feature.

Lego Tony Stark

Tony Stark comes with two faces. Well, actually one face and one heads-up display. When using his normal face you should also use his hair. You are able to put Tony’s Iron Man helmet on his hand by putting a little brick into the helmet which makes it stay on his hand.

The heads-up display is really detailed as well although it really doesn’t have a good purpose because when he wears his helmet you won’t be able to see the display anyway. The Iron Man helmet is great by the wat. The mold is really well done and the visor can actually open or detach.

The Build & Features

The LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower comes with two numbered bags and a manual and besides the minifigure you will start building the mini Quinjet as well. This craft is extremely tiny but it does have a few nice parts that fit the craft well. As I said, it’s extremely tiny so don’t expect an exact replica of the actual Quinjet.

Lego Marvel Avengers Tower

The first bag also contains the base of the tower and as in typical LEGO fashion, the inside (the parts you won’t see) is done with a couple of colorful bricks. Just like LEGO does with its Helmets and most of the BrickHeadz.

Lego Marvel Avengers Tower

It’s interesting to see some of the used techniques to create a small to medium-sized rounded base. The whole base is really fun to build though. I just like how things are being put together. There is just the right amount of diversity and detail for a smaller build like this.

Lego Marvel Avengers Tower

The Second bag essentially does the same thing by using some colored blocks for the inside of the tower. LEGO did a pretty neat job on the sloped part of the building.

The top of the tower has two printed pieces with the Avengers logo on them. There are no stickers used in this set so that’s always a big plus!

The Quinjet is attached to the tower with a clear piece, giving it the illusion of flight. There is also a tiny stand on the side of the tower where your Tony Stark Iron Man minifigure can be placed.

Lego Marvel Avengers Tower

My Thoughts

The LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower is a really nice little build and was an excellent promotional set. Avenger fans should definitely display this on their desks or computers. The minifigure is awesome once you know what’s going on and the tower does look the part. It could’ve used a few clear bricks on the side instead of the grey ones to make it look more glassy but other than that I really like how it looks.

LEGO hit the nail on the head with this one and I hope they will do more of these for other themes as well.


Really fun build for a small set
Minifigure is great!
Solid little tower
Great to display


A little too grey


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