Lego MINDSTORMS Mini Robots (40413) Review

To mark the release of the fourth generation of Mindstorms, the 40413 LEGO MINDSTORMS Mini Robots will be the gift with purchase at from the 15th to the 25th of October when spending over $100 (depending on your country). The Mini Robots resemble the ones from the Robot Inventor set (51515).

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Name: Mini Robots
Set Number: 40413
Pieces: 366
Year of Release: 2020
Get your LEGO here: USUKCAN

The Build & Features

The LEGO MINDSTORMS Mini Robots come in a flat-top box which a great for storing some LEGO and just looks really good. The set comes with five unnumbered bags and has a mix of regular and Technic pieces. It also comes with a small booklet that isn’t folded. Instant karma points right there!

The Mini Robots are quite a sizable amount of pieces and all robots can be built separately without having to tear them down. Again more karma points for LEGO! The robots can’t be coded and driven around like the upcoming Robot Inventor set (51515). That kind of goes without saying of course, but just in case…. 🙂

All robots have a great color scheme with grey, white, and an awesome shade of green. Every droid is a mini version of the ones in set 51515 and have names apparently.

The Robots

In order of appearance, we have BLAST, a robot with an actual spring-loaded shooter and a shield. This one looks the most like a humanoid.

MINDSTORMS Mini Robots Blast

CHARLIE is a great little rolling robot with a chest piece that can open and a head and arms that can move. This bot builds a bit like a smaller version of a BrickHeadz.

MINDSTORMS Mini Robots Charlie

Next up is GELO and is the four-legged walker of the group. This is a shorter build but really looks like those four-legged walker robots you see in those engineering videos. I would really like to see how this one works in that Robot Inventor set.

MINDSTORMS Mini Robots Gelo

M.V.P. is the crane on wheels. It can change its crane with a couple of spinning stud shooters.


Last up is TRICKY and is, unfortunately, my least favorite of the set. It can balance a ball (a basketball dunker apparently) but that’s it. In the bigger Robot Inventor set, it seems to be able to do a lot more. So that’s definitely something to look forward to.

My Thoughts

The LEGO MINDSTORMS Mini Robots promotional set is a great set to display on your desk or something. The builds are ingeniously done, to be honest, and have a lot of pieces and details for such small builds. They are quite challenging to build too.

They look the part in comparison to their bigger counterparts and the Technic pieces have been used very well. I also love the little details like the heart-shaped piece on CHARLIE and the clear-colored pieces which have been used to resemble lights and/or eyes. Overall these are some excellent little robots and I can’t wait for the Robot Inventor set (51515) to come out and see what LEGO did with those.


  • Five separate robots
  • Colors look awesome
  • They look like their bigger counterparts
  • Challenging builds for a small set


  • You need to spend over 100$ (depending on your country) to get them


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