LEGO sets retiring in 2020 – The ULTIMATE list!

A list of LEGO sets due to retire by the end of the year has been published by

LEGO retires sets every year and every year this is becoming more and more unpredictable. Some sets stay active for a year, while others last five.

By publishing this list, LEGO fans of any theme can make a decision about which sets they would like to buy before it will be retired. It’s a great tool for holidays like Christmas 2020 for example. Take a look at the list (it’s an extensive one) and take your pick.

Keep in mind that some sets might just be (temporarily) out of stock on the official LEGO websites.


Official LEGO Shop
Architecture 21039 ShanghaiUS CANAmazon
Architecture 21047 Las VegasUSCANAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
BrickHeadz Star Wars 75232
Kylo Ren & Sith Trooper
BrickHeadz 40354 Dragon Dance GuyUSUKCANAmazon
BrickHeadz 40351 Halloween GhostAmazon
BrickHeadz 40353 Reindeer and ElvesUSCANAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
City 60213 Dock Side FireUSUKCANAmazon
City 60206 Jet PatrolUSUKCANAmazon
City 60207 Drone ChaseUSUKCANAmazon
City 60208 Parachute ArrestUSUKCANAmazon
City 60224 Satellite Service MissionUSUKCANAmazon
City 60225 Rover Testing DriveUSUKCANAmazon
City 60227 Lunar Space StationUSUKCANAmazon
City 60229 Rocket Assembly & TransportUSCANAmazon
City 60230 People Pack –
Space Research and Development
City 60231 Fire Chief Response TruckUSUKCANAmazon
City 60232 Garage CentreAmazon
City 60233 Donut Shop OpeningUSUKCANAmazon
City 60234 People Pack – Fun FairUSUKCANAmazon
City 60203 Ski ResortUSUKCANAmazon

Chinese New Year

Official LEGO Shop
Chinese New Year 80104 Lion DanceUSUKCANAmazon
Chinese New Year 80105 Chinese New Year Temple FairUSCANAmazon

Creator Expert

Official LEGO Shop
Creator Expert 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper VanAmazon
Creator Expert 10252 Volkswagen BeetleAmazon
Creator Expert 10256 Taj MahalAmazon
Creator Expert 10260 Downtown DinerAmazon
Creator Expert 10263 Winter Village Fire StationUKAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
Creator 31086 Futuristic FlyerUSUKCANAmazon
Creator 31087 Dune BuggyUSUKCANAmazon
Creator 31092 Helicopter AdventureUSUKCANAmazon
Creator 31094 Race PlaneUSUKCANAmazon
Creator 31095 Fairground CarouselUSUKCANAmazon
Creator 31096 Twin-Rotor HelicopterUSUKCANAmazon
Creator 31098 Outback CabinUSUKCANAmazon

DC Batman

Official LEGO Shop
DC Batman 76118 Mr. Freeze Batcycle BattleAmazon
DC Batman 76119 Batmobile: Pursuit of The JokerUSUKCANAmazon
DC Batman 76120 Batwing and The Riddler HeistUSCANAmazon
DC Batman 76122 Batcave Clayface InvasionUSCANAmazon
DC Batman 76137 Batman vs The Riddler RobberyUKAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
Disney 41164 Enchanted Tree HouseUSUKCANAmazon
Disney 41169 OlafAmazon
Disney 43170 Moana’s BoatUSUKCANAmazon
Disney 43173 Aurora’s Royal CarriageUSCANAmazon
Disney 43174 Mulan’s Storybook AdventuresUSUKCANAmazon
Disney 43178 Cinderella’s Castle CelebrationUSCANAmazon
Disney 43182 Mulan’s Training GroundsUSCANAmazon
Disney 43183 Moana’s Island HomeUSUKCANAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
DOTS 41900 Rainbow BraceletUSUKCANAmazon
DOTS 41901 Funky Animals BraceletUSUKCANAmazon
DOTS 41903 Cosmic Wonder BraceletUSUKCANAmazon
DOTS 41904 Animal Picture HoldersUSUKCANAmazon
DOTS 41906 Pineapple Pencil HolderUSUKCANAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
Friends 41383 Olivia’s Hamster PlaygroundAmazon
Friends 41362 Heartlake City SupermarketUKAmazon
Friends 41372 Stephanie’s Gymnastics ShowUKAmazon
Friends 41376 Turtles Rescue MissionUKAmazon
Friends 41335 Mia’s Tree HouseAmazon
Friends 41337 Underwater LoopUSUKCANAmazon
Friends 41360 Emma’s Mobile Veterinary ClinicUSUKCANAmazon
Friends 41361 Mia’s Foal StableUSUKCANAmazon
Friends 41366 Olivia’s Cupcake CaféUSUKCANAmazon
Friends 41367 Stephanie’s Obstacle CourseAmazon
Friends 41369 Mia’s HouseUSUKCANAmazon
Friends 41371 Mia’s Horse TrailerUSUKCANAmazon
Friends 41373 Funny Octopus RideUSUKCAN
Friends 41374 Andrea’s Pool PartyUSUKCANAmazon
Friends 41375 Heartlake City Amusement PierUSUKCAN
Friends 41378 Dolphins Rescue MissionUSUKCANAmazon
Friends 41379 Heartlake City RestaurantUSUKCANAmazon
Friends 41380 Lighthouse Rescue CentreUSUKCANAmazon
Friends 41381 Rescue Mission BoatUSUKCANAmazon

Harry Potter

Official LEGO Shop
Harry Potter 75953 Hogwarts Whomping WillowUSUKCANAmazon
Harry Potter 75954 Hogwarts Great HallUS CAN
Harry Potter 75956 Quidditch MatchUSUKCANAmazon
Harry Potter 75946 Hungarian Horntail Triwizard ChallengeUSUKCANAmazon
Harry Potter 75957 The Knight BusUSUKCANAmazon
Harry Potter 75958 Beauxbatons’ Carriage: Arrival at HogwartsUSUKCANAmazon
Harry Potter 75965 The Rise of VoldemortUSUKCANAmazon

Hidden Side

Official LEGO Shop
Hidden Side 70418 J.B.’s Ghost LabUSCANAmazon
Hidden Side 70419 Wrecked Shrimp BoatUSUKCANAmazon
Hidden Side 70420 Graveyard MysteryUSCANAmazon
Hidden Side 70421 El Fuego’s Stunt TruckUSUKCANAmazon
Hidden Side 70422 Shrimp Shack AttackUSUKCANAmazon
Hidden Side 70423 Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000USUKCAN
Hidden Side 70424 Ghost Train ExpressUSCANAmazon
Hidden Side 70425 Newbury Haunted High SchoolUSUKCANAmazon
Hidden Side 70427 Welcome to the Hidden SideUSCANAmazon
Hidden Side 70428 Jack’s Beach BuggyUSCANAmazon
Hidden Side 70429 El Fuego’s Stunt PlaneUSCANAmazon
Hidden Side 70430 Newbury SubwayUSCANAmazon
Hidden Side 70431 The Lighthouse of DarknessUSCANAmazon
Hidden Side 70432 Haunted FairgroundUSCAN
Hidden Side 70433 J.B.’s SubmarineUSUKCANAmazon
Hidden Side 70434 Supernatural Race CarUSUKCANAmazon
Hidden Side 70435 Newbury Abandoned PrisonUSUKCANAmazon
Hidden Side 70436 Phantom Fire Truck 3000USUKCANAmazon
Hidden Side 70437 Mystery CastleUSCANAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
Ideas 21316 The FlintstonesUSCANAmazon
Ideas 21317 Steamboat WillieAmazon

Jurassic World

Official LEGO Shop
Jurassic World 75934 Dilophosaurus on the LooseUSCANAmazon
Jurassic World 75937 Triceratops RampageUSCANAmazon
Jurassic World 75938 T-rex vs Dino-Mech BattleUSCANAmazon
Jurassic World 75931 Dilophosaurus Outpost AttackAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
Marvel Spider-Man 76113 Spider-Man Bike RescueAmazon
Marvel Avengers 76123 Captain America: Outrider AttackUSUKCANAmazon
Marvel Avengers 76124 War Machine BusterUSUKCANAmazon
Marvel Avengers 76126 Avengers Ultimate QuinjetUSUKCANAmazon
Marvel Avengers 76127 Captain Marvel and The Skrull AttackAmazon
Marvel Spider-Man 76128 Molten Man BattleUSUKCANAmazon
Marvel Spider-Man 76130 Stark Jet and the Drone AttackUSUKCANAmazon
Marvel Avengers 76131 Avengers Compound BattleUSUKCANAmazon
Marvel Avengers 76142 Avengers Speeder Bike AttackUSCANAmazon
Marvel Avengers 76144 Avengers Hulk Helicopter RescueUSCANAmazon
Marvel Spider-Man 76147 Vulture’s Trucker RobberyUKAmazon
Marvel Spider-Man 76148 Spider-Man vs. Doc OckUSCANAmazon
Marvel Spider-Man 76149 The Menace of MysterioUSUKCANAmazon


Official LEGO Shop


Official LEGO Shop
Minecraft 21140 The Chicken CoopUKCANAmazon
Minecraft 21141 The Zombie CaveCANAmazon
Minecraft 21143 The Nether PortalAmazon
Minecraft 21145 The Skull ArenaAmazon
Minecraft 21156 BigFig Creeper and OcelotAmazon
Minecraft 21157 BigFig Pig with Baby ZombieAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
NINJAGO 70665 The Samurai MechUSUKCANAmazon
NINJAGO 70667 Kai’s Blade Cycle & Zane’s SnowmobileAmazon
NINJAGO 70671 Lloyd’s JourneyAmazon
NINJAGO 70668 Jay’s Storm FighterUSUKCANAmazon
NINJAGO 70670 Monastery of SpinjitzuUSCANAmazon
NINJAGO 70672 Cole’s Dirt BikeUSUKCANAmazon
NINJAGO 70673 ShuricopterUSUKCANAmazon
NINJAGO 70674 Fire FangUSUKCANAmazon
NINJAGO 70675 Katana 4X4USUKCANAmazon
NINJAGO 70676 Lloyd’s Titan MechUSCANAmazon
NINJAGO 70677 Land BountyUSUKCANAmazon
NINJAGO 70678 Castle of the Forsaken EmperorUSUKCANAmazon
NINJAGO 70679 The Ultra DragonUSCANAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
Overwatch 75977 Junkrat & RoadhogUSUKCANAmazon
Overwatch 75976 Wrecking BallUSUKCANAmazon
Overwatch 75971 Hanzo vs. GenjiAmazon
Overwatch 75972 Dorado ShowdownAmazon
Overwatch 75973 D.Va & ReinhardtAmazon
Overwatch 75974 BastionAmazon
Overwatch 75975 Watchpoint: GibraltarUS CANAmazon

Speed Champions

Official LEGO Shop
Speed Champions 75894 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally and 2018 MINI John Cooper Works BuggyUSCANAmazon

Star Wars

Official LEGO Shop
Star Wars 75234 AT-AP WalkerAmazon
Star Wars 75235 X-wing Starfighter Trench RunUSCANAmazon
Star Wars 75236 Duel on Starkiller BaseAmazon
Star Wars 75238 Action Battle Endor AssaultUSCANAmazon
Star Wars 75239 Action Battle Hoth Generator AttackUSUKCANAmazon
Star Wars 75240 Major Vonreg’s TIE FighterUSCANAmazon
Star Wars 75241 Action Battle Echo Base DefenceUSCANAmazon
Star Wars 75242 Black Ace TIE InterceptorUSCANAmazon
Star Wars 75243 Slave I – 20th Anniversary EditionAmazon
Star Wars 75244 Tantive IVUSUKCANAmazon
Star Wars 75246 Death Star CannonUSCANAmazon
Star Wars 75248 Resistance A-wing StarfighterUSCANAmazon
Star Wars 75250 Pasaana Speeder ChaseUSUKCAN
Star Wars BOOST 75253 Droid CommanderUSUKCANAmazon
Star Wars 75258 Anakin’s Podracer – 20th Anniversary EditionUSCANAmazon
Star Wars 75263 Resistance Y-wing MicrofighterUSCANAmazon
Star Wars 75264 Kylo Ren’s Shuttle MicrofighterUSCANAmazon
Star Wars 75265 T-16 Skyhopper vs Bantha MicrofightersUSCANAmazon
Star Wars 75159 Death StarAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
Technic 42088 Cherry PickerAmazon
Technic 42082 Rough Terrain CraneUSCANAmazon
Technic 42091 Police PursuitUSCANAmazon
Technic 42095 Remote-Controlled Stunt RacerUSUKCANAmazon
Technic 42098 Car TransporterUSCANAmazon
Technic 42101 BuggyUSCANAmazon
Technic 42104 Race TruckUSCANAmazon
Technic 42097 Compact Crawler CraneAmazon

Toy Story

Official LEGO Shop
Toy Story 4 10767 Duke Caboom’s Stunt ShowUSCANAmazon

Trolls World Tour

Official LEGO Shop
Trolls World Tour 41250 Lonesone Flats Raft AdventureUSUKCANAmazon
Trolls World Tour 41253 Techno Reef Dance PartyUSUKCANAmazon
Trolls World Tour 41256 Rainbow CaterbusUSUKCAN

The following sets are also listed, but these only may be retiring:


Official LEGO Shop
City 60210 Air BaseUSUKCANAmazon
City 60212 Barbecue Burn OutUSUKCANAmazon
City 60217 Fire PlaneUSCANAmazon
City 60219 FrontloaderUSUKCANAmazon
City 60222 Snow GroomerUSUKCANAmazon
City 60236 Straight & T-junctionUSUKCANAmazon
City 60237 Curves & CrossroadUSUKCANAmazon
City 60255 Stunt TeamUSCANAmazon
City 60257 Service StationUSCANAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
Creator 31091 Shuttle TransporterUSUKCANAmazon

Creator Expert

Official LEGO Shop
Creator Expert 10268 Vestas Wind TurbineUSCANAmazon

DC Batman

Official LEGO Shop
DC Batman 76137 Batman vs. The Riddler RobberyAmazon
DC Batman 76138 Batman and The Joker EscapeAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
Disney 43172 Elsa’s Ice PalaceUKAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
DOTS 41905 Jewelry StandUSUKCANAmazon
DOTS 41908 Extra Dots – Series 1USUKCANAmazon
DOTS 41912 Love Birds BraceletUSUKCANAmazon
DOTS 41916 Extra Dots – Series 2USUKCANAmazon
DOTS 41917 Magic Forest BraceletUSCANAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
Friends 41389 Ice Cream CartUSCANAmazon
Friends 41391 Heartlake City Hair SalonUSCANAmazon
Friends 41397 Juice TruckUSCANAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
Ideas 21318 Tree HouseUSCAN


Official LEGO Shop
Marvel Spider-Man 76114 Spider-Man’s Spider CrawlerUKAmazon
Marvel Spider-Man 76115 Spider Mech vs. VenomUSCANAmazon
Marvel Spider-Man 76146 Spider-Man MechUSUKCANAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
NINJAGO 70666 The Golden DragonAmazon


Official LEGO Shop
Technic 42096 Porsche 911 RSRUSUKCANAmazon

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