Lego Speed Champions – McLaren Senna (75892) Review

I’m a big fan of LEGO. But there are some themes that speak to me more than others. Maybe it’s up to Lego to prove otherwise, but that’s the status right now. Star Wars is a big deal for me. Cars are as well. And as a proof of concept for myself I bought a smaller set to start with. So without further ado, I present to you the LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Senna review.

Lego Speed Champions McLaren Senna (75892) Box Art

Name: McLaren Senna
Set Number: 75892
Pieces: 219
Year of Release: 2019
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The minifigure here is nice and simple. You get the Lego yellow-faced guy with a quirky smile. He has a simple black helmet with a clear visor. The race suit is grey with white and orange accents and has the actual McLaren Senna and Pirelli branding on the back. Overall (pun intended) it looks good but it doesn’t blow you away.

Lego Speed Champions McLaren Senna Minifigure
Lego Speed Champions McLaren Senna Minifigure

The Build & Features

The build is not particularly interesting to be perfectly honest. There are some pieces that are nice. Especially the bright orange clear pieces. Also, the backside which includes the taillights is done really well. Also, in this case, the build as a whole did not blow me away and it wasn’t too interesting. It’s fine. Just fine.

Lego Speed Champions McLaren Senna


Lego Speed Champions McLaren Senna Details
Lego Speed Champions McLaren Senna

I also do not like the wind tunnel side build you get with this set. It does not have a big display value and also for playability it doesn’t do anything. I’m not sure if kids (or adults for that matter) will use this part for anything.

The color scheme of the whole build is excellent by the way. The grey and orange are visually extremely appealing and is something different from most car builds. Easy on the eyes!

Lego Speed Champions McLaren Senna

What is not easy on the eyes is the number of stickers in this set. Especially the number of clear stickers. I know this thing is branded and LEGO is not going to custom print any blocks with McLaren or Senna on the side. Most of the time LEGO uses a sticker background in the same color as the brick but in this case, almost all stickers have a clear background. Unlike the Star Wars AT-ST Raider. This makes putting them on even more sensitive to errors. (and I made a few I can tell you that)

Lego Speed Champions McLaren Senna Detail

This set also comes with four extra rims to give your ride a slightly different look which is really nice. And keep in mind that for a build this size we cannot expect too much in terms of hinges on doors and windscreens. So this is as good as it gets in that department.

Lego Speed Champions McLaren Senna Rims

What bothers me the absolute most is that the build doesn’t really look like the actual McLaren Senna. And that has everything to do with the width of the car. It feels narrow. Much more narrow than the actual car.

I think Lego should have used the extra bricks for widening the car one stud left and right instead of adding a wind tunnel side build. That would’ve done so much in terms of look and feel and would have been visually a more streamlined car.

My Thoughts

Well, as you can expect I’m not the biggest fan of the LEGO McLaren Senna. I expected it to be better since it has gotten a lot of positive reviews. The build is fine and it definitely has some redeeming qualities but it lacks in the bigger departments. The side build seems useless and the car is not wide enough. Especially for a branded product like this, I feel like it should have been better. 


  • Great color scheme
  • Well priced


  • Run of the mill build
  • Car is not wide enough to resemble the real deal
  • Too many clear stickers
  • Windtunnel side build doesn’t add anything

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