Lego Star Wars Han Solo Keychain (5006363) Review

Between November 1st and November 8th LEGO will have an awesome Star Wars promo to add to your purchase from 100$ or more (depending on your country) on Star Wars themed sets. This time it’s not a LEGO set but a premium quality Han Solo in Carbonite keychain.

This promo was given to me for free by my affiliate partner Rakuten Advertising. My opinion on this set, however, is my own.

Unlike other promo’s like the MINDSTORMS Mini Robots or the Hidden Side El Fuego’s Stunt Canon, the LEGO Han Solo Keychain is no set. And to be honest, I don’t care one single bit.

Lego Han Solo Keychain

The keychain is premium quality (solid metal and quite heavy). And having Han Solo in Carbonite fits the purpose of a keychain perfect. The size of the piece of carbonite itself is the same as the full height of a minifigure.

Lego Han Solo Keychain

I love the fact that LEGO gives us something completely different while keeping it (kinda) LEGO. It’s just the most excellent and cool looking promo. Even if Star Wars is not your thing, it’s just a fun LEGO-themed collectible.

Lego Han Solo Keychain

It will look good on display and is not an add-to-the-pile set that you will use for spare parts.


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