Lego Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium (75094) Review

Ever since I saw Star Wars the Lambda-class T-4a Imperial Shuttle was one of my favorite ships. I love the triangular look and the sound it makes. The overall aesthetics, either flying with the wings down or in the landed position with the wings up, are just so iconic.

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium Box

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium is one of those shuttles and this LEGO version is a beast! I am more of a display person in general and this thing does that impressively well. There is also a lot of playability available, but I’m in it for the looks!

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium

Shuttle Tydirium is known for being stolen by the Rebellion to eventually take a small strike team to the Forest Moon of Endor. Almost all the main characters were in the shuttle when this happened.

Name: Imperial Shuttle Tydirium
Set Number: 75094
Pieces: 937
Year of Release: 2015
Get your LEGO here: USUKCAN


First up is Han Solo and he looks great! Keep in mind this set is from 2015 so his hairpiece for example isn’t as detailed as it is now. But other than that, this minifigure looks the part. Han wears his signature jacket underneath a long camouflage coat exactly like in the movie. LEGO made sure the coat works by printing it partly on Han’s legs. The print does have a slightly different color on the legs than on his body. That might have something to do with the base color on the legs being a bit darker. Han also has two faces and gets a small blaster pistol just as he should have.

Han Solo

“I don’t think they had Wookies in mind when they designed her Chewie.” That’s what Han said when entering the shuttle for the first time. In this particular case, Chewbacca fits fine. Chewy is the same as the one that came with the Millennium Falcon Microfighter and in that review, I called him different from other minifigs. And I’ll stick with that for now. I’m not the biggest fan of this figure and the Bowcaster that comes with him is also in this case just a crossbow. I have seen an actual bowcaster on Chewy in the new Mos Eisley Cantina by the way! LEGO put a stud shooter on the thing. So there is progress in that respect.


Up next is Leia and I think she is my favourite minifigure in this set. Her blue legs perfectly complement her sand colored jacket. And how awesome this might look, you won’t look at it much. Leia also gets a green camouflage poncho that goes over her torso. I’m not sure how I feel about this as the torso print is awesome. But the poncho is really cool as well and, once again, looks very much like it does in the movie. She also has two faces. One slightly smiling and one more determined expression.

Princess Leia

This set also includes two Rebel Troopers and I could review them together. However they are very different from one another. One even turned out to be a named character. The first “standard” Trooper has the iconic sand colored helmet with green band and a completely camouflaged green outfit. It’s an Endor Rebel Trooper alright. Nothing bad can be said about that.

The second one though is a different story. This Rebel Trooper has a jacket on his torso and the same camo legs as the other trooper. Just like in the movies there is a trooper present with a big mustache. And this minifigure represents that character. That in itself is not that interesting though. What is interesting is that his name apparently is Rex. As in Captain Rex! But this time around he is already a Commander. Allright allright, this wasn’t confirmed to be canon by Dave Filoni unfortunatly so let’s call him Nik Sant as this IS the name of the character. It’s fun to consider him Rex though. I think his face looks great though. Anyway, moving on….

The Build

LEGO Imperial Shuttle Tydirium has 6 bags, only 5 stickers and a nice meaty 150+ page instruction booklet. As always I will go over every single bag and try to inform you about what is important in each and every one of them.

The main build starts with quite a few Technic pieces. You start out building the Internal crew seating area. You will also get a cool yellow crate, with a Rebel logo on it, that contains two thermal detonators. There is a third detonator available in the spare parts which will fit in this crate as well.

The rest of the inside area and two main engines are in bag two. In a build with so many highlights the engines sure are one of them. The rounded look is amazing and they eventually house some of the front guns. The round engines also make sure the wings can rotate around them. The spring loaded shooters are now also built and are integrated into the ship very well. This is looking to be quite an open build with loads of technical parts.

Bag three has more interior and some decoration and will make a start on the exterior as well. Another highlight are the engine exhausts. These are as awesome as they are subtle. And blue! No bulky exhausts, but a sleek design just like the one in the movies. You might think why this shuttle actually has blasters as the whole design is catered for transport. Anyway, it looks gorgeous. A small ramp and the landing gear are constructed as well.

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium
Imperial Shuttle Tydirium

Next up is bag four and has the massive upper fin in it. This piece was way more intricate to build as I thought it would be. Probably because you can actually pick the set up at the fin without any trouble at all. LEGO put some real thought into it. Building this is fiddly at times though, with those 1×1 technic bricks and technic connectors but nothing majorly inconvenient. The yellow lights on the top (and eventually also on the side wings) are a really nice touch as these are also clearly visible in the movies.

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium

Shuttle Tydirium is coming along nicely and even more so on bag five. Both wings will be assembled now, as well as some big frontal guns which look awesome. The wings are very sturdy but still look thin. They look iconic and unreal, especially folded out. LEGO nailed the look on these. The side Panels are neatly done as well and LEGO made sure they can open in only one particular way.

The cockpit is another highlight as this looks again just like it should. The side and front are spot on and look amazing. And although the controls are stickers they also look really cool. The handle perfectly represents the one Han uses to jump to lightspeed in the movie.


LEGO Imperial Shuttle Tydirium is packed with features and playability. Of course the main attraction is the wings. Folded down in a landed position they look great, but they really shine in flight mode. The whole ship looks massive and the silhouet is amazing. I do recommend buying or creating a stand by the way. More on that later. The wings are quite sturdy and fold up or down really nicely.

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium
Imperial Shuttle Tydirium

Inside the ship it’s quite spacious. It needs to be because it fits a gun rack, three minifigures and that yellow crate with thermal detonators. With a bit of careful tinkering you should be able to get your minifigs in as the space you get for putting them in isn’t that big. This compartment opens from two sides and has been done quite ingeniously.

The shuttle has five (!) guns. A bit of overkill for a transport I would say. But it is accurate. There is a turret at the back and four in the front. They all move up and down which is great for playability. Plus all the guns just look cool.

There is a small ramp on the bottom as well that can be lowered and raised. Your minifigures won’t be able to enter or exit through it however. It’s way too small for this, but it’s a nice touch. It does make putting a stand on the bottom impossible. So adding an extra plate before putting the ship on a stand is a must.

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium

As said the cockpit has a great and striking design. It opens almost as a whole which from a design perspective I can appreciate. This way you have the room to put in two minifigures including the slightly bigger Chewbacca and you are still able to close it without any difficulty.

The landing gear is the part I like the least. It’s there and it looks good, but when deployed the complete ship is unbalanced. It tends to fall on its back when slightly pushed. If you want to display the Shuttle in the landed position I would advise leaving the landing gear undeployed. It’s more stable and looks just as good.

The Stand

Hey, another category! As mentioned before you have to buy or build a stand if you want to display the LEGO Imperial Shuttle Tydirium in all its glory. The landed position looks great but it just looks better and more iconic when all wings are deployed.

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium

There are two display stand options. Either a brick build or an acrylic stand. If you are really creative you can build your own, but if you would like to have an example I would suggest you visit Rebrackable and search for a buildable stand.

I went for option number two and bought a stand. Now there aren’t that many options and the first one that came to mind was Wickedbrick. Now these guys have some high quality options and when you go basic it doesn’t seem that expensive. Unfortunately the shipping costs were wicked as well. Even for a mainland European like me and them being in the UK.

I looked for one on Ebay and ordered one for way less. Shipping took between two weeks and two months which made me believe this thing had to come from China. I was right! Although it took only two weeks for me. Turns out the manufacturer also has a website. Visit GoVisions if you want to have a look (I’m not sponsored in any way by any of these websites/companies). 

The acrylic stand I got is pretty good to be honest. It has a more general look and feel. It has a Shuttle Tydirium text on it and also a Star Wars type of logo on the side. GoVisions has some set specific stands available but also has some general stands. The quality is quite ok. Some smudges here and there and the logo is a bit see through. But I’m very happy with the outcome and being able to display my LEGO Imperial Shuttle Tydirium in all its glory. 


My Thoughts

The LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium is a beast for what is. A non UCS playset. It looks awesome displayed and even has a very decent minifigure selection where Princess Leia tops the lot.

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium

The shuttle looks great in the landed position, but looks amazing in flight mode. Make sure you get or build a stand for it to show it off in all its glory. With the landing gear out, the model becomes a bit unstable but that’s about the only real issue I have with it.

The set looks awesome and has a lot going for it. The blue engine exhausts are amazing. The fins and wings are very well designed and sturdy. The internal space is big enough and can house all the minifigures. The cockpit is as iconic as it is cool and is also well designed.

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium

All in all this is a must-have for people that are fans of the original Star Wars movies and would like to have an extremely displayable set without having to pay a small fortune. 

Playability is of course also all over the place with the cockpit and the back part of the ship able to open up. There are some spring-loaded shooters available. Swooshing it is easy enough while holding the upper fin. It has a small ramp and lots of canons. 

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium


  • Really good build
  • Extremely displayable
  • In flight mode quite large
  • Iconic Ship
  • Good minifigures
  • Many features
  • Looks amazing


  • Landing gear makes model a bit unstable


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