Lego Star Wars Razor Crest (75292) Review

Finally, it’s there! The LEGO Star Wars Razor Crest from the popular Disney+ show The Mandalorian shipped on September 1st and I was lucky enough that mine got delivered fast. I am amazed at how big this ship is and how tiny LEGO made Baby Yoda. But is the whole set any good? Well, it’s not bad, I can tell you that!

Name: The Razor Crest
Set Number: 75292
Pieces: 1023
Year of Release: 2020
Get your set here: USUKCAN


The LEGO Razor Crest is a pretty big build, but you will also get five minifigures with this set. Well, four actually. Well, three and a half to be exact. Anyway, The Mandalorian is up first and it’s the exact same figure as you will get in the AT-ST Raider set. He doesn’t have any different armor or gear. Not that this is a bad thing as I assume not everyone will buy the AT-ST Raider (you should though!).

He has the blackface because he normally does not remove his helmet and he has the unupgraded (no additional Beskar) armor. But he looks really cool with his grey cape and large rifle.

Baby Yoda!

The big little star of the minifigure selection is Baby Yoda (or The Child) of course. This little guy is not even half a regular minifigure tall and can actually sit on Mando’s hand. It is as tiny as it is cute and I can imagine this will be an amazingly popular LEGO minifigure. Currently, the Razor Crest is the only set you can get this in.

Next up is Greef Karga and he looks actually really dashing. The nice red jacket and brown cape look amazing. He has two faces and his arms have a different color as well which makes him stand out even more. LEGO gave him two blaster pistols.

A cool Scout Trooper also joins the party. And this one also looks kind of awesome. I like figures that are some sort of a throwback to the original trilogy movies where they also had Scout Troopers. This minifigure has some nicely detailed print on the torso and legs, has a blaster pistol, and, just like Greef, has different colored arms. The helmet and its mold is amazing looking.

Last but not least you will get an IG-11 brick figure. Maybe it is the least because it’s not really a minifigure. For me, it’s all fine, but I can imagine people complaining about these just being bricks. Both sides have a point, but I think this looks cool nonetheless. It resembles the IG-11 robot quite well but is nothing new compared to earlier IGs already on the market.

All in all, this is a pretty good minifigure selection. Mando, Baby Yoda, Greef, and the Scout Trooper look awesome and are pretty unique.

The Build

First half

Being from Europe my box still says Razor Crest so I will be calling this set as such. There is some kind of trademark issue so there can be some differences in the name in the future. One huge positive about the box is that it has no nasty thumb push or thumb crush parts. Just some small pieces of tape that can easily be cut. We won’t be mangling the box this time.

This set has over 1000 pieces so you will get a pretty meaty instruction booklet. The box contains nine bags (divided between six numbers). As always there are some additional smaller bags placed into the bigger ones. There are mostly big stickers added as well and also the cockpit is put in separately.

The first part you will be building is not that exciting to look at, but it does give you a general idea of how sturdy the frame of the Razor Crest will be. Throughout the whole set, there are a lot of Technic pieces combined with regular LEGO bricks which makes not only for a great result but also an extremely solid ship.

You do create the spot for the Carbonite slabs in this part of the build.

Around the third bag, the ship will get some wings (as far as it has them) and some good exterior features as well. Especially the spring-loaded shooters are very well implemented. You are still building with a few Technic pieces to make the LEGO Star Wars Razor Crest even more solid than it already is. There are quite a lot of interesting building techniques implemented.

It’s not flashy, but I could really appreciate what LEGO did with the first half of the build. I loved all of it.

Second half

From the fourth bag onward this set gets more interesting in terms of design and details. The Carbonite slabs will get their stickers. Yes, they have stickers instead of an actual mold, but the way they fit into the ship is really good and you’ll be left with a lot of open playing space so I didn’t mind.

Slowly but surely you can see the great details around the vessel and you can see now that it can open almost anywhere. This gives the LEGO Razor Crest a lot of playability for kids to haul a lot of stuff into this ship. It’s really spacious for a playset.

Building the cockpit is great as well. It’s a really good design which we haven’t really seen yet. It’s big and spacious. There is room for two and a half minifigures. Two figures can sit in the chairs and Baby Yoda can sit on Mando’s lap or he can carry it on his hand. Either way, there is enough room in the cockpit.

Last but definitely not least are the engines. I will go as far as to say that, together with the bulky and solid overall build, the engines are one of the best things of the Razor Crest. The building techniques used here are quite ingenious and look absolutely glorious when putting them on the model.

The huge stickers can be a thing though so take your time when putting those on. They do add a good amount of detail so I would recommend using them. 


The LEGO Razor Crest is quite a big build for a playset. However, it is still intended to be played with (I’m gonna display it nonetheless). It definitely has quite some features.

First of all, the ship opens up in multiple spots and each compartment has its purpose. There is a bedroom for Mando to bunk in. It has a few stickers to define the wall and can be found when you open one of the gun compartments.

The other gun compartment is a great storage location to put the spring-loaded missiles in. There are three spots in there, so all provided missiles can be stored away. This is especially convenient as some people don’t like to display their set with missiles included. 

You can also store some guns if you like of course. It’s all up to you!

So yeah, there are two spring-loaded shooters in this set. They are really well integrated though. As they should in a larger set. The main guns are excellent for general play when swooshing the Razor Crest around and are really well built onto the ship.

Opening up

As said, the LEGO Star Wars Razor Crest can open almost everywhere and has a lot of playing space. You can haul a lot of stuff if you feel like doing so. The main compartment also houses the Carbon Frozen bounties Mando collected and are neatly placed on the side. They do make a bit of noise when swooshing your ship around (like something is loose) but rest assured, it’s the Carbon Frozen Duo and they are not going anywhere.

The cockpit is extremely spacious. It has a small printed display and room for two and a half minifigures. Mando can carry Baby Yoda on his lap or in his hand. And still, you are able to close the cockpit quite easily. 

Behind the cockpit, there is another compartment where you can store some weapons.

A less talked about feature is the escape pod. It resides on top of the model and has room for one minifigure. It even has two tiny engines and is just a great little feature LEGO added on this already packed set.

I do want to point out that picking this thing up and swooshing it around can be a challenge. Especially for kids. The LEGO Razor Crest is not a small ship. It’s also not the lightest. And picking it up from below (where I would pick it up) can be challenging. That being said, this thing is so sturdy that you can pick it up almost anywhere, but it is and will be heavy. 

My Thoughts

LEGO did an excellent job creating the Razor Crest and giving it not only that already iconic look but also making sure it has lots of playability AND keeping it displayable as well.

The build is extremely solid which I can really appreciate. The combination of Technic and regular bricks make sure nothing will detach anytime soon.

The minifigure selection is really good with a few exclusive figures like Greef Karga and of course the cutest Baby Yoda (The Child). Also, Mando and the Scout Trooper are great figures.

The Razor Crest opens in multiple spots making it excellent for hauling a lot of stuff in your ship. LEGO also made sure some of the features from the live-action series got into there as well like the Carbonite Frozen bounties and sleeping quarters.

All in all, this set feels bulky and sturdy. It’s big, it’s beautiful, it’s awesome! The LEGO Razor Crest is a great addition to the Star Wars line and I hope the next season of The Mandalorian paves the way for more excellent sets.


  • Absolutely solid build
  • Minifigures (especially Baby Yoda)
  • It’s big
  • Loads of features and opens up everywhere
  • Great for displaying as well
  • It looks awesome


  • Slightly heavy and big for kids hands

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