Lego Star Wars Sith Tie Fighter (75272) Review

I did not have high hopes going into this LEGO Sith Tie Fighter set when I started building it. Some people loved it, but many did not. Why was that? I have read some reviews and bought it anyway. Because well… I thought it looked cool and it’s a more unusual looking Tie Fighter than we were used to.

Star Wars Sith Tie Fighter Box Art

Name: Sith Tie Fighter
Set Number: 75272
Pieces: 470
Year of Release: 2020
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As usual, I’m going to take a look at the minifigures first. The set of three is certainly above average although I probably have a different take on which ones I liked best.

First of all, we get Fin and he looks really good, to be honest. He has a frightened-looking face and a happy face, the afro is there (LEGO style exaggerated) and his torso is really nicely detailed. He has a really nice man-bag and a blaster and I absolutely love the color scheme with the sand color top and the dark blue pants!

Fin Lego Minifigure
Fin Lego Minifigure


The First Order Tie Pilot is awesome I think. Ok, he’s mainly black with some grey detailing but I just love the design. The helmet takes the cake though. The single tube running from the helmet to his chest is just perfection. I just like the iconic, updated look!

First Order Tie Pilot Lego Minifigure

Last we have the Knight of Ren, Trudgen (his name is apparently). I really really want to like him but I can’t and I don’t. Somehow his dark metallic-ish grey color with mostly black detailing just doesn’t work for me. The robotic-like masked face is cool but the headpiece looks like badly designed hair rather than a leather cowl.

Knight of Ren Trudgen Lego Minifigure

The Build

The Star Wars Sith Tie Fighter comes with 5(!) bags. You do get one number one and two number two and two number three bags. And fortunately, I was way less disappointed about this model than I thought I would be. This was looking to become a great set!

You start out building the stand and the cockpit and after that the inevitable double build of the wings.

Bag 1

Star Wars Sith Tie Fighter Build

Bags 2

Star Wars Sith Tie Fighter Build

Bags 3

Star Wars Sith Tie Fighter Build


The stand is a must-have for the Sith Tie Fighter or Tie Dart because of the shape of the wings. Most Tie Fighters you can just put down on the wings. Unfortunately, the triangle design doesn’t do well in that department.

I was astonished by how well the Sith Tie Fighter actually fit on this stand. It’s not the sturdiest thing ever, but it’s also not as bad as people make it out to be. Just put it on correct and you should be fine. Well done LEGO!

Star Wars Sith Tie Fighter Front

The cockpit is a nice design. Nothing too fancy but it does the trick. And the room for the minifigure is snug but ok. I have found no real trouble putting my pilot in there. This is also because the cockpit opens at the front AND from the top. It has a really cool red and silver cockpit window which looks awesome. The read, black and grey color scheme is great to look at anyway. Also, this build does NOT have any stickers. None! Only printed parts. I call that a win already.

Star Wars Sith Tie Fighter Open Cockpit

The wings look amazing and different as well as you can expect. Building these were actually a lot more fun and challenging as I thought. The double triangle is awesome and the build-in spring-loaded shooters are done well enough. I say well enough as I would have but them at least one brick back into the wing so they wouldn’t poke out at all. Now you can see them just a tiny bit. 


Star Wars Sith Tie Fighter Side
Star Wars Sith Tie Fighter Spring-Loaded Shooter

The firing mechanism is very well done and really easy to use. It’s a great play feature when swooshing the Sith Tie Fighter around. Speaking of swooshing it around, I did not think the locking mechanism between the cockpit and the wings would be that great. I did some serious swooshing and I can tell you, they hold! 

Star Wars Sith Tie Fighter Spring-Loaded Shooter
Star Wars Sith Tie Fighter Wing Attachement

My Thoughts

I had quite some fun building this and the set did not disappoint at all. Sure, it isn’t an AT-ST Raider, but it’s very far from a bad set. The colors are excellent and the minifigures are great as well. The design is where this shines most as you just don’t find any other triangular Tie Fighters on the market. It’s a good playable piece, but a great display piece! The stand is a must-have and isn’t half bad.


  • Really nice build
  • Color scheme
  • Good minifigures
  • Great display set
  • No stickers!


  • Knight of Ren esthetics
  • Spring-loaded shooters slightly too much at the front
  • Stand slightly fiddly

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