Lego Star Wars TIE Interceptor Microfighter (75031) Review

The LEGO Star Wars TIE Interceptor Microfighter is my first series 1 microfighter set. Series 1 was released six years ago in 2014 and marked the start of the Star Wars Microfighters theme. I am going to take a look if they were good from the get-go.

Name: TIE Interceptor
Set Number: 75031
Pieces: 92
Year of Release: 2014

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Star Wars TIE Interceptor Microfighter Box


The minifigure is an original trilogy empire TIE Fighter pilot and I do have to admit I like this a bit better than the First Order TIE pilot figure. The First Order TIE fighter microfighter (75194) and the Sith TIE Fighter (75272) I reviewed have one. The biggest difference is the belt buckle on the Imperial pilot. It really divides the top from the bottom of the minifigure.

I also like the old-school helmet design a bit more. To me, it’s just more iconic looking. I might be a bit biased as I like the original movies better so keep that in mind.

The helmet does have a big gap at the back of the head though. Fortunately, this minifigure only has one face so the other one doesn’t peak out. And of course, the pilot gets a standard blaster pistol.

The Build & Features

I like the build of the LEGO Star Wars TIE Interceptor Microfighter. It’s very different from the First Order TIE Fighter and even is a bit more interesting. I like the printed cockpit piece better as well as the main window is slightly bigger and seems to fit the model just a bit better.

Star Wars TIE Interceptor Microfighter

The four triangular wings are attached really nicely, but they don’t really look the part though. I feel like they are not wide enough for TIE Interceptor wings. The big cockpit and way smaller wings just look a bit off.

Star Wars TIE Interceptor Microfighter
Star Wars TIE Interceptor Microfighter

It also has two flick-fire missiles which are integrated quite well. Although I believe the laser blasters are on the tips of the wings on the original TIE Interceptors if I remember correctly. I know this is a tiny model so options are limited and I’m happy the missiles are added.

Star Wars TIE Interceptor Microfighter

Outland TIE Fighter (Moff Gideon) MOC

Since the hit show, The Mandalorian people are screaming at LEGO to make more sets based upon the show. Some, like the Razor Crest, are already made and some are hopefully pending. Who knows?! One of the most requested is the Outland TIE Fighter Moff Gideon flies as seen in one of the final episodes of season 1. The main appeal of this TIE Fighter is the way it lands. It folds its wings to the outside making sure the pilot has easy access to get in and out of the ship.

I found when folding the wings of the TIE interceptor the other way around it pretty much resembles the Outland TIE Fighter in its landed position! LEGO unknowingly created a MOC for the Outland TIE fighter in 2014 already! People might be able to take this as an example and build a proper microfighter MOC. Or we might just have to wait a bit for LEGO to actually release an Outland TIE Fighter Microfighter. Once again, who knows?!

My Thoughts

The LEGO Star Wars TIE Interceptor Microfighter is a Series 1 set, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad or less sophisticated than a later model. In fact, I think the build is way better than for example the First Order TIE Fighter. And except for the wings, the overall design is pretty good.

Star Wars TIE Interceptor Microfighter

The wings to make it look really out of proportion, unfortunately. And makes this set go from a great to a decent one.

The TIE Fighter pilot minifigure is great and I prefer this original trilogy one over the First Order pilot. It just has more character and makes it (as an 80s AFOL) feel more Star Wars.

Star Wars TIE Interceptor Microfighter


  • Interesting little build
  • Original trilogy Imperial TIE Fighter pilot
  • Doubles as a MOC for a landed Outland TIE Fighter


  • The wings are too small / Set is out of proportion


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