LEGO Super Mario Theme Launch

August 1st is LEGO Super Mario day with the launch of the Super Mario theme of playsets, expansion sets, and other related LEGO Super Mario items.

Adventures with Mario Starter Course

If you would like to get anything going you first have to buy the Adventures with Mario Starter Course in order to get your Super Mario character full with fun little gadgets like color sensors, LCD screens, and mouth & belly displays.

This 231 piece playset also has the complete starter course which you can change in any way you like. This is great for either solo or group play.

Lego Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course

Name: Adventures with Mario Starter Course
Set Number: 71360
Pieces: 231
Year of Release: 2020
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Additionally, you are able to buy more levels, more items, more characters, Super Mario upgrades. You will be able to build a complete Super Mario level and more.

And the fun part is, you are able to build your own courses yourself which gives this LEGO set an infinite amount of playability. The possibilities are endless!

Nintendo Entertainment System

Also, LEGO and Nintendo are also releasing the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Lego Nintendo Entertainment System

This is an amazing piece if you are into either LEGO, Nintendo, or both and you enjoy display pieces. This set has 2646 pieces and will set you back about 229.99 dollars, 209.99 pounds, or 229.99 euros.

You will build a retro 1980s TV, with of course Super Mario on screen, the Nintendo Entertainment Set, a controller, and an actual game. Everything is buildable and you can actually make it work. Kind of… ๐Ÿ™‚

Lego Nintendo Entertainment System

When turning a handle on the side of the set the Super Mario level will start playing on your little retro TV. And if you want the whole experience you can use your Super Mario character you get in the Adventures with Mario Starter Course, put it on top of the screen, and watch & hear him react while the level is playing.

Name: Nintendo Entertainment System
Set Number: 71374
Pieces: 2646
Year of Release: 2020
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