Lego THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Benny’s Space Squad (70841) Review

Because I had so much fun with the last review I thought to myself, let’s stay into the space theme and review another set. Well, this LEGO Benny’s Space Squad set could not be further from the Lunar Lander in almost any way.

The set is really tiny and, to be perfectly honest, really awesome. For anyone that loves the classic space theme, this modern execution is amazing. Especially when you are on a budget. If you are not convinced already, you will get Benny… SPACESHIP!

Name: Benny’s Space Squad
Set Number: 70841
Pieces: 68
Year of Release: 2019
This set is still available HERE


Although there are some small builds involved, the main reason why you would want to buy this set is the minifigures. You will get four and the main man is of course Benny. He is the best minifigure in this set hands down.


Benny wears his typical blue spacesuit with the classic backpack and weathered classic space logo on his torso. LEGO did a great job recreating the wear and tear these classic figures get when having been played with for so many years. I think my parents even have a few Benny’s around on the attic.


The very best part about benny is his helmet. In good classic space LEGO fashion, his chinstrap is broken. LEGO in the ’80s wasn’t that sturdy and after multiple play sessions, the chinstrap could actually break. Benny’s chinstrap was made to look broken though. LEGO did not actually create a broken helmet. But it looks like it split and that’s what counts.

Also, Benny gets a classic walky-talky and has two, not so classic, faces.

The other three minifigures are Kenny, Lenny, and Jenny. They look similar to Benny but are a bit different.

They all are mint in terms of print and helmets. Ther have great colors (yellow, pink, and white) and all get different accessories.

They all get the standard one faced, yellow head, and just look classic and amazing.

The Build & Features

Outside building the minifigures there are three little items that you get alongside.

First of all, a little classic space robot needs to be build. The grey and blue color scheme in combination with some transparent yellow really bring me back.

The all grey moon buggy is up next. It has two spots to put your accessories on so your minifigures don’t have to carry those around all the time.

Last but not least you will be building a SPACESHIP! This vehicle also has those grey and blue colors. This ship includes some transparent red bricks and has the classic space logo on the front.

My Thoughts

I haven’t mentioned THE LEGO MOVIE 2 in this review although this set has its origin there. I feel like LEGO could’ve given us Benny’s Space Squad set without linking it to the movie. It’s classic, retro, and the broken chinstrap. It is just fun to have!

Classic Space
Weathered Logo
Broken chinstrap
Hello, ‘80s!

For this price. None at all!


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